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July 20, 2017 @ 10:48 am

Episode 30: Michael Holley Interview

Michael Holley of WEEI and NY Times best selling author, called us up and gave us 55 mins of his time. 

Michael was hilarious, we got some cool behind the scenes stories, some very personal insight on his working career, plus we got him to answer who out of our final four march madness participants he would marry/ go on a man-date with/ and who he would kill. Michael was great, responsive, engaging and it was truly and genuinely our pleasure. Holley says he wants to come back on to get to some of the stuff we didnt get to cover, and we plan to do so down the line

The book out right now is "Papi: My Story" (a must read)

Buy It Here


BalkTalk: Dungy/20/Zeke

Not Mad At It: Nike/Truth Contract/Fat-Panda

Closing Time: Cross-Over Podcast/ W.E.C.P./ Joe's FFG





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